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Created 3-Sep-15
30 photos

These photos are all custom printed and can be ordered as just a print or matted and framed.
To purchase these, email me at [email protected] or call me at 631-988-9685.
Prices will vary depending on paper selection (photoluster, metallic or canvas) and framing. Many are available already custom framed. All are signed.
8x12 photoluster IMG_5986 - Version 310.5x14photolusterIMG_930912x18_Metallic_IMG_1077Canvas_16x30_IMG_0976cc_2_9x16_photoluster_IMG_1020cc9x16_photoluster_IMG_1284 - Version 2cc9x16_photolusterIMG_1159cc11x16_photolusterIMG_6938cc12x18_velvet_IMG_2188cc13x20_velvet_IMG_3219cc14x20_photoluster_IMG_1347cc14x20_photolusterIMG_7236cc16x16_photoluster_IMG_0781cc16x16_photoluster_IMG_0986 - Version 2cc16x24_Canvas_IMG_5007cc18x27_ Canvas_IMG_3742cc18x27_Canvas_IMG_3687cc20x13_velvet_or photoIMG_1167cc23x30 _velvet_Wine tableMatalic_16x29IMG_0994 - Version 2

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